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We provide services within a large range of projects, platforms and ideas. We help startups and companies realize innovative projects to create new tech experiences.

Founded in 2017, we have been helping the startup environment with strategic guidance and golden business opportunities. We are founders ourselves, and help your business become a success.

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We specialize in helping
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Strategic Advisory
We have extensive experience in providing valuable and strategic advisory to our clients, investment partners and own projects. Our guidance will help drive value to your company no matter if you’re a startup, a scale-up or a well-founded business.
Business Optimization
We help businesses and high-growth startups achieve the ‘leanness’ of a well-governed business by analyzing profit margins and cutting unneccessary costs to increase the value of your business.
Project Capitalization
We can help your startup with advice on know to capatilize the current opportunities or evaluate future projects through different business models and financial modelling. We are your key partner to success.

We help startups succeed.

We can help your startup with developing your very first prototype. We have extensive experience in rapid prototyping, no matter whether you’re developing a simple landing page or a hypercomplex multi-layered machine learning model. We are startups’ preferred technical partner.
Business Plans & Cash Flow
We have a long-term relationship with top tier VC’s and consultancies to provide you with the best guidance, no matter whether you’re approaching an important investor meeting or defining the companies future strategy, BCV can help you achieve all you need.
Funding / Investment
We know our way around the industries and have connections to most investors in the market. We help your startup by finding potential investors and grooming these to ensure startup-investor fit. Reach out to us today to hear how we can help your startup.

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