No-code tools are a thing that’s come to stay. Over the years the quality of these tools have increased exponentially, thus enabling startups to launch prototypes in weeks instead of months/years.

We’ve curated this beautiful list from one of our favourite companies Cenario. Below is the top 5 tools. For the full list, please visit the original article at


1. Bubble

If coding has never been your strongest suit (or simply have never coded before in your life), then this is the app you have been waiting for. 

Bubble makes your life easier for you to create awesome applications hassle-free. It allows you to create your app without needing to understand any coding languages or having to learn to code at all. 

You can build complex applications with numerous features without needing a single line of code or scripting for that matter. 

The “drag-and-drop” user experience makes it easy to jump in right away and not just see instant results, but have the same feeling of the other drag and drop landing page and website builders (although it’s more advanced). 

It’s a great option if you’ve always wanted to build an app or a new startup, but can’t afford the cost of a developer or wanting to wait months for something to be built. 

Why I personally love Bubble:

  • Very Powerful & intuitive tool
  • Numerous customisable options
  • Low cost option to build something and get paying customers/users
  • The template library is amazing

In fact, you can even build the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Quora & more with these Bubble Tutorials. Highly recommend checking this resource out!

2. Glide

Yes, you can now create apps in just 5 minutes directly from your google sheets!

Glide can help you make a mobile application in less than 5 minutes. How? Well it’s built primarily using google sheets & it’s free of charge (until you need more advanced features).

No experience in coding needed.

So if your business or you know of a business needing an app, then you can build an app really quickly using guide. 

They have some great templates and examples on their website. 

Why I love Glide:

  • It’s free to use (at first until you get higher volume!)
  • Saves a lot of time and money to build 
  • Very easy to use (even if you’re not technical). 

3. Adalo

Adalo is an incredible product you need to check out. 

You can create fully functional apps in no time without needing any programming languages!

Whilst it may seem similar to Glide above, Adalo is focused more on the visual “drag-and-drop” user experience so users can instantly see what they build in real-time. 

On their paid plan from $50 p/m, you can even publish to the App Store & Google Play Stores!

They’ve got some very good no code tutorials to check out to learn at first and understand the full potential of Adalo. 

Why I love Adalo:

  • Easy to use
  • Quick app development 
  • Tutorials = awesome
  • Pricing = affordable if wanting to publish onto the app stores!

4. Voiceflow

If you wish to have voice applications for your application, you need to try out Voiceflow. Voiceflow allows you to develop voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which then makes them available to everyone. 

The product has an easy interface and allows you to simply drag-and-drop boxes, which help you build voice applications very quickly cost effectively – no complex coding required. 

The video tutorials are amazing! 

Why we like Voiceflow:

  • Advanced, yet easy to use
  • Simple Interface
  • Great for beginners wanting to build voice applications

5. Thunkable

Building an application needs a lot of planning and proper execution as we know. Generally, you are told that learning programming languages are the only way to create functional mobile apps. 

Well, with Thunkable, you can forget about this prerequisite.

You can now create your mobile applications easily using this tool. It allows you to simply drag and drop elements and develop intricate features for your application. If you have ideas you quickly want to test with potential users, you can use this tool to implement them easily.

It’s a cool application although it doesn’t have good tutorials to use the tool effectively and more importantly how to use it to build products fast. Having said that though, it has a lot of potential. 

Why we like Thunkable:

  • Drag and drop feature
  • User-friendly interface
  • Powerful features
  • Premium features very affordable

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