Pitch deck

We're always on the lookout for startups with an ambition of changing the world for the better. Please read our criteria before submitting your startup.

1. Establishing the basics

Our current

We’re currently investing in most startups, however, some industries have a priority based on our current strategy. If your startup falls within the below-mentioned categories, we would be more than happy to have a talk about your opportunity. These are as follows:

  • CleanTech / GreenTech and general climate-focused startups
  • MedTech / HealthTech with ambitions of changing the world for the better
  • FashionTech focused on sustainable commerce
Our investment criteria
Even though we would like to support all startups, we have a few criteria that we prioritize more than others. These criteria ensure that we’re following our strategy of providing for a better world and keeping the vision of “Better Future over Profit”.

Criteria 1 – Early-stage ventures:
We only invest in early-stage startups with zero-to-none track record. We do this to enable founders with an opportunity of pursuing their dreams. With that said, we still require a great idea and an even greater vision.

Criteria 2 – Strong industry expertise:
We would like our founders problems to be based on real-life situations, thus we prioritize founders who have experienced the problems as a part of their everyday either privately or through their work experience.

Criteria 3 – Active engagements:
We prioritize an active dialogue with all our investments, hence, we would like to prepare you that we actively participate in the development of our entire portfolio from idea to market. If this is a no-go for you, we are probably not meant to be.