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By partnering with Black Capital Ventures, we provide your startup with more than USD 100K in partnership benefits. We provide a wide array of tools, platforms and benefits for scaling your startup.

See all the partnership benefits below and please reach out to us on info@blackcapitalventures.com if you are considering becoming a partner.


All-in-one workspace @ Notion.so

We have partnered up with Notion.so to provide all of our startup portfolio with $1000 free credits to boost your startup journey.

Notion is a all-in-one workspace where you can think, write, and plan. Capture thoughts, manage projects, or even run an entire company — and do it exactly the way you need.

Read more about Notion on Notion.so and submit your pitch deck to us today!

The $1000 free credits are only available for eligible startups that are accepted into our programme.

Google Cloud & Workspace

Cloud services & Workspace @ Google

As a Google partner we provide your startup with the toolset to get your platform off the ground and into the skies through Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace and the entire Google Ecosystem.

Get your startup off the ground by visiting the Google Startup Checklist or submit your pitch deck today to become a BC Ventures Startup

Software Development

Software Development @ Black Capital Technology

As a sister or brother to Black Capital Technology we provide with you with an entry point of getting lower-than-market development prices and support in terms of technical arhictectural decisions, interim CTO/CIO’s or other development needs that might arise in your startup

Black Capital Technology can help you with with everything from Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Tech, Virtual Reality, Infrastructure Automation of platform development.

Read more about Black Capital Technology and apply for our startup programme today bysubmitting your pitch deck.

Exclusive Founders Network

In addition to being a portfolio company of Black Capital Ventures, we’re offering all founders the opportunity to join our exclusive and unique founders network in which you can meet both current and previous founders, share ideas, frustrations or solutions to problems.

The channel is exclusive for founders and startups that have been working together with Black Capital Ventures.


Customer Feedback @ Tally.so

All our startups will get access to significant discounts from Tally.so to enable a more streamlined and productive customer feedback pipeline. With the tools from Tally.so, you will be fully able to create stunning visual surveys and integrate these seamlessly into your Notion.so platform. Read more about Tally.so on their website.

Apply today to become a part of the BCV portfolio.

Market research can be done through many ways. There’s an array of online tools to research to get insights into specific markets, but our all-time favourite is to gather a small group of friends and family and ask all the questions you have for your potential market group. They will provide many of the same results and give you insights to whether your plan has potential for real market impact.

A startup pitch is the core principle for an evaluation event. The pitch should be short, precise and on-point and include market size, problem, solution and evaluation of future opportunities. The pitch is typically a slide deck of around 10-15 slides depending on the complexity of the project. Always remember that simplicity wins – always. In addition to that, always keep the phrase “If it looks like shit, it probably is shit” in mind when making your deck.

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