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About the project

BASE® is an application that strives to support individuals and organizations with in-depth insights about personal and organizational behaviour.

This is how BASE describes themselves:

BASE® provides you with insights about your everyday; who you meet, what you are feeling and how situations are affecting your behaviour. This is especially important when understanding the effect of emotions, relations and situations.

The BASE® methodology provides you with user friendly dashboards where you can follow your day-to-day health and improve on unhealthy habits and relationships.

The foundation of BASE® originates from our state-of-the-art organizational research that you can apply to your everyday – free of charge!

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The Challenge

How do you push people to adapt to new tools without having them feeling forced to by the management? BASE strives to create a bottom-up application instead of the usual top-down approach to employee engagement systems.

Through gamification and excellent design systems, BASE managed to create a universe that enhances the users own ability to dive into emotions, situations and relations and creates value for both individuals and organisations.