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The Startup Toolbox: A guide to get you to the first 1000 customers. A 100% free overview of the best startup tools out there.
- By Founders, for Founders.

1. Establishing the basics

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1. Business Planning @ is the ultimate tool to structure the approach of creating, managing general business- and startup planning. With, your startup is able to write your business plan, keep track of finances and plan your future roadmaps. We will definitely recommend throwing the 15USD after a paid plan at

=> Website 
=> Business Plan Template

2. Competitior Research @ ByFounders
This document by Growth Founders is super valuable to identify key competitors and get an overview of the insights of their business. This is an in-depth research guide on how to understand your competitive landscape and to research and analyse the traffic sources driving the most traffic to your competitors’ website.

=> Distribution Research Website
=> Distribution Research Template

3. Startup Validation @
When you’re getting close to one, business plans are finished and you’ve done your competition research and identified the competitive landscape, it’s time to validate the idea. The guys over at can help you validate your startup idea by asking potential users of your idea, based on demographics and other criteria. Check them out!

=>Startup Validation by
=> Sample report from

2. Making your first MVP

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One Hundred

4. Prototyping @ Figma
Figma is the ultimate free prototyping tool. With Figma you can design, plan and build your clickable prototype, everything directly in your browser and free of cost. Create a free profile at to get started, and 1-2-3 you have your first prototype ready. If you’re not the designer yourself, we can help you in the process.

=> Figma – Ultimate prototyping tool
=> Example of a Figma Prototype

5. Illustrations & Icons @ Undraw / FlatIcon
unDraw is a widely used open-source library for illustrations to use in your MVP. They have an extensive library to fit every startups’ need with fully customizable illustrations – all free to use. If you’re also looking for icons, try Flaticon, which is a similar service, just for icons instead.

=> unDraw – App/Web Illustrations
=> FlatIcon icon library

6. Get online!
When you have developed a functioning prototype, whether you’ve done it in Figma or other tools (or even developed from scratch), it’s time to push it online to get some real customer feedback. Reach out to your primary user group and make sure to set up feedback loops to catch that valuable market-fit feedback. A lot of tools can be used for user-based feedback, but some of our favourites are:

=> Typeform – A beautiful survey tool
=> Google Forms – Basic survey capabilities

3. How to burn money

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7. Marketing, Marketing, Marketing
Marketing is an essential key to all businesses. Only if people are aware of your product or service your startup will flourish. If they are not aware of your products or services, the company will not gain any revenue. It is also important for start-up’s about how they use marketing. As these firms have limited resources, these resources should be carefully distributed throughout different marketing methods. After an initial period of time, a careful analysis has to be done about which platforms brings the company more clients and more resources should be directed this way.

Below are 5 marketing ideas suitable for startups:

  • Send Emails to potential leads (e.g. Hubspot/Mailchimp)
  • Start a blog (Blogger, Website etc.)
  • Posts on social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Paid search advertising (Google, G2, Facebook)
  • Sponsor events


They most vital part of any business is its customers. Customer satisfaction should always be an important goal for the business. Happy customers not only will use our products, but will also bring in more customers. Customer satisfaction surveys can be conducted. It would be great to have a customer helpline so that our customers can always rely on us.

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